Jon Kilner, MS, MA
Professional Medical & Scientific Editing Service
Quality Communication
in a
Cost-Effective Manner

Communication is Essential
Effective communication is a vital part of research. Every document you produce must be carefully crafted to maximize your opportunity for publication and ensure complete reader comprehension. However, effective editing can be a time-
consuming task.

Allow me to take some of that work off your hands.

What I Can Do For You
  • Turn drafts into finished manuscripts with clear, concise text, effective data imagery and submission-ready formatting
  • Increase your productivity by reducing the time you and your staff spend on editing duties
  • Help you meet deadlines and avoid a backlog of unfinished projects
  • Provide you with the convenience of having a professional editor without the expense of hiring a full-time employee
What You May Not Realize You Need
An independent professional editor can bring benefits beyond the crafting of language and images. These benefits include:

A Fresh Perspective
Never underestimate the value of a fresh pair of eyes. When reading familiar material, the eye tends to see what is expected, making it easy to miss errors in spelling, punctuation, tense and grammar, as well as redundant information. I will eliminate these issues and give your document a professional presentation.

An Outsider's View
Having day-to-day knowledge of a project can actually be a disadvantage when presenting that work to others. After gaining an intimate understanding of the material, it's easy to underestimate how much of it must be explained to someone outside of your group.

As an "outsider", I will identify material that requires further explanation, thus increasing your readers' comprehension of your work.

Targeted Translation
Different audiences often require different styles of writing. I can translate your information to the expertise level of your target audience. This will enable you to deliver your information to the scientific community or the general public with equal effectiveness.