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The Editing Process
The process of editing a project differs according to client preferences. In most cases, the client sends me their MSWord document by email for editing.

During the editing process, I may find content which is unclear or appears to be contradictory. When something of this nature occurs, I typically question the client by email before completing the edit, thus saving time.

Upon completion of the edit, I return the edited document by email. The returned files include two copies of the text: one with all changes tracked and another with all changes accepted. This enables the client to see the current draft in finished form and also see the changes made while retaining both copies.

If the project includes the editing of tables and/or figures, or of separate supplementary materials, these edited files are returned attached to the same email as the text.

For some clients, this is where my contribution ends. Others prefer to send the edited copy to all co-authors for their feedback, and have the co-authors send their feedback directly to me. Once I have received feedback from all co-authors, I incorporate that feedback into a new draft of the document, which I then return to the client - again including a "changes tracked" and "changes accepted" copy.

Turnaround Time
Turnaround times vary depending on a variety of factors, including length of project, level of editing, my work load, etc. In general, journal articles and projects of similar length will be returned within two weeks (ten business days).

To ensure fairness to all clients, I complete projects in the order that I receive them.

Projects requiring less than two weeks will be invoiced upon completion of editing.

For longer projects or when editing a number of shorter projects by the same client, invoicing will occur every two weeks.

All documents submitted to my service are strictly confidential and are shared with no one unless instructed otherwise by the client.

Client information and the content of all service agreements are also held strictly confidential and will never be revealed to any third party.