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Meet the Editor
My twin passions have always been science and the English language. In school, I was that kid who read the entire science book in the first week of class and hoped for essay questions on all the tests.

When I started college, I figured that science was the way to go and began training as a biologist. However, as my training progressed I realized that it was the writing aspects of science that I most enjoyed, so I switched my focus to scientific communication.

After earning a Masters degree in Technical and Scientific Communication in 2003,
I started my own business as a freelance medical and scientific editor.

Over the years, I have edited a wide variety of projects, including research articles, textbooks, proposals, internal reports, Web site content, educational materials, and more. I have edited online voice annotated presentations for medical educators and written accompanying testing materials, as well as created and edited Powerpoint presentations for clients.

I have worked with medical and scientific researchers from across the USA, as well as in Australia and Singapore. My clients have ranged from individual investigators to large research teams. Some of my clients have been using my service for well over a decade.

Over the years, I have gained extensive experience in editing the work of researchers for whom English is a second language.

Bachelor's Degree - Biology
University of Pittsburgh

Master's Degree - Biology
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Master's Degree - Technical and Scientific Communication
James Madison University

American Medical Writers Association