Jon Kilner, MS, MA
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My Services
I provide high-quality edited manuscripts that have clear, concise text, effective data imagery and submission-ready formatting. To serve your specific needs, I will provide the level of editing that you require.

Proofreading: Editing for spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency of tense, and the like.

Substantive Editing
: Editing for structure, logical organization, conciseness and clarity, as well as removing redundancies, checking for consistency within the text and between the text and tables/figures, and asking questions and/or making suggestions when information appears to be missing, out of place or unclear.

: Extensive rewriting and/or reorganization of a document's content for flow, persuasiveness and emphasis of main points.

Writing and/or Document Design
: Though I am primarily an editor, clients occasionally call on me to create text, tables or figures.
Editing for Non-Native English Speakers
English is a second language for many researchers. However, it is the international language of science and manuscripts must be produced in clear and proper English.

I offer my editing services to help non-native speakers of English perfect their scientific manuscripts.

Formatting for Submission
Many documents, including journal articles and research proposals, must meet specific formatting guidelines. I can return your documents fully formatted for your chosen publisher and ready for submission.

Document Design
Some documents, such as procedure manuals and educational materials, have no predetermined formatting guidelines. I can take advantage of this opportunity and employ effective document design to enhance reader comprehension.

Types of Documents
I edit all types of documents in any medical, biomedical or scientific field. These documents include:

        Journal Articles
        Textbooks / Chapters
        Case Studies
        Educational / Informational Materials
        Website Content
        And more...