Jon Kilner, MS, MA
Professional Medical & Scientific Editing Service
Quality Communication
in a
Cost-Effective Manner

It is the policy of this service to charge an hourly rate for all levels of service. Hourly charges are listed below, as are time estimates for various project types.

Hourly Charges

US $60.00 per hour
     for all proofreading, editing, document design services.

US $100.00 per hour
     for all writing services

US $40.00 per hour
     for any necessary travel (agreed to by client beforehand).

Project Time Estimates
* Note: the estimates below assume a full page of 12-point double-spaced text.
Editing a document for spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency of tense, and the like.

Editing for structure, logical organization, conciseness and clarity, as well as removing redundancies, checking for consistency within the text and between the text and tables/figures, and asking questions and/or making suggestions when information appears to be missing, out of place or unclear.

Extensive rewriting and/or reorganization of a document's content for readability, persuasiveness and emphasis of main points.

The creation of text, tables and/or figures.




4-6 pages per hour

1-4 pages per hour

1-3 hours per page

3-5 hours per page